Skylar Reed
Kentucky | Breed: Himalayan kittens

they truly care about their kittens and it shows

We are overjoyed with our new kitten, Bella. She is sweet, playful, and incredibly smart. The support from cheapkittens has been fantastic; they truly care about their kittens and it shows.

Leila Voss
Florida | Breed: Ragdoll Kittens

Thank you so much.

For six months, we contacted countless so-called breeders. The more we looked into each one, the more concerned I became about the health of those animals. We nearly gave up, until we found cheapkittens.com. They invited us to their office to meet all their cats, something we found many breeders won’t do. Thank you so much.

Zephronia Valtrex
Louisiana | Breed: devon rex kittens

I wanted to give you a quick update on Belle.

I wanted to give you a quick update on Belle. We’re delighted by how affectionate she is and how she always wants to be by your side. My other two cats are starting to warm up to her too; they even run around and play together sometimes. She’s such an amazing kitten. Thank you again for her.

Taylor Brooks
Delaware | Breed: Maine Coon kittens

Highly recommend!

Our beautiful kitten, Daisy, has settled in perfectly. She is full of energy and love. The experience with cheapkittens was seamless and reassuring. Highly recommend!

Zara Bellamy
Connecticut | Breed: Persian kittens

Thank you, thank you for this experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the positive experience in purchasing a Persian kitten. Your knowledge and understanding of these amazing animals was comforting, in that if I ever had any questions in regards to the breed I would feel confident in your response!!! “